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The conservatorium’s Performance and Outreach Manager Keva Abotomey said they have been excited to be presenting a great variety of holiday applications, and to have such an enthusiastic response from the community. One imported ballad, elsewhere in the native press attributed simply to “Glover”, The Australian emigrant appeared anonymously, in a pirate edition, as the first variety of Henry Marsh’s 1855 weekly serial The Australian musical cadeau.

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and for their different live performance appearances. These included his march Rifle Volunteers, and his overture The exiled. As well because the overture, Gassner additionally launched a coro e cavatina from The exiled in Auckland in 1864, and campaign quadrilles Lanka and Katoogastotto. – July 26, 1903, at his late residence, Pennant-street, Parramatta, James Joseph Garland, aged fifty nine years. He subsequent argued the propriety of cultivating sacred music on the bottom of its being accompanied by the least expense,

has been established upwards of 26 yr’s, having been commenced by the late Mr. Joseph Wilkie alone in 1850, within the premises which have been occupied up to the current time, and were then very restricted in dimension. His enterprise prospered significantly, in order that his name turned a family word all through the Australian colonies . On Tuesday final, an old man named Thomas Girle, died at his residence, in Torrington-street,

to the young; and to the unhappy, whose cares it soothed. Then it was a useful accompaniment and a powerful auxiliary, to faith. A man and not utilizing a love for music was one who should be watched. He presumed that they have been all of 1 thoughts as to the propriety of singing the praises of God, and as to the desirability of singing them well and in the simplest manner. Sacred music, he observed, if properly joined in, elevated and expanded the soul,

was postponed to Monday evening next. FOR THE FIRST TIME, (By explicit Desire of many respectable Families) THIS EVENING’S AMUSEMENT, WILL BE CONDUCTED AS A POPULAR Vocal and Instrumental Divertissement,

Signor Antonio Giammona, who got here to Australia with Ilma di Murska, has not very lengthy survived “the Hungarian Nightingale.” Signor Giammona was engaged as the tenor of the Di Murska Concert Company, but lost his voice crossing the Atlantic from Liverpool, to New York. The then took to the flute, which he performed on the Australian concerts, and eventually settled down in Melbourne as a modern singing grasp.

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nice success . The audience have been delighted by the beautiful production of the comic music and dance – “The Cures,” by Messrs. Morris, Gee, and A. About four Isabella MELODIA hundred of the 39th regiment launched into Saturday morning.

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DANCING, which is considered so essential to the acquirement of a becoming demeanour.- Terms, per Week, 2s. Each; and the Days of Attendance are appointed for Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 5 o’Clock in the Afternoon.

A Biographical Register Of Australian Colonial Musical Personnel–g (ga-gly)

While advocating the singing of the praises of God by the congregation he would, however, distinguish between skilled singing and the loud, noisy singing, accompanied by contortions of the body, staring of the eyes, &c, heard in lots of church buildings. Such singing must ascend to heaven – if it reached to heaven at all – like music made candy – not more sweet – by distance; such music couldn’t be referred to as candy. – The difference between loud, noisy singing, and trained music, was because the distinction between the track of 1 half maddened by excitement,

The members of the Beechworth Tonic Sol Fa Association gave their first public live performance on the Town Hall on Tuesday night final, with a outcome that should have been equally as gratifying to themselves, as it was pleasing to the audience, who assembled in number enough to fill the higher portion of the building. In frequent with all present we were most agreeably shocked at discovering the high state of effectivity to which the vocalists had attained.

over the past twenty-five years, begs to inform them that he’s about leaving the colony for San Francisco, and would strongly recommend his successor, Mr. AUGUSTUS GEHDE, as a very cautious and competent master. Mr. Marsh has no doubt Mr. Gehde will give each satisfaction to those who may avail themselves of his companies. On the 1st prompt, at her residence, 149, Clarence-street, Mrs. August Gehde, of a son. On arrival in Sydney in the early 1850, August senior was briefly employed as an assistant in the music store of W.