Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Maxi dresses are our fave! With good cause, they have been ubiquitous in recent years. We’ve compiled a list of ten of our favorite things about maxi dresses because we can’t stop raving about this wardrobe essential.

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1. They are comfortable.

A maxi dress is almost as nice for days when all you want to do is spend the day in your pajamas. Additionally, those composed of natural materials are airy and light. Our maxi dresses feel amazing on your skin without giving off the impression that you’re a sweaty college student since they’re composed of a silky bamboo/cotton blend. Put on the headwear, put on some adorable flats, and get out!

2. They are endearing.

Your curves will stand out in a maxi dress that softly flares at the waist, drawing attention away from any difficulty areas. A v-neck or scoop is attractive because it directs the attention upward rather than below. Additionally, you may stretch your legs by creating an empire waist with a high belt.

3. You need not be concerned about fitting in.

Putting together an outfit might seem much too difficult on certain mornings.particularly after realizing your best pair of pants is in the laundry. You may wear a maxi dress without worrying about it clashing with basic black or brown accessories because most of them look amazing with them.

4. It’s not required that you shave your legs.

You are aware of how much you value this! Maxi dresses let you seem more ladylike while saving you valuable shaving time. Under there, it’s No-Shave January, so nobody needs to know.

5. Sunscreen.

To get ready for the beach, throw on a maxi dress over your onesie. According to Maye Hayes Jepsen, 70, who lives on the shore, “maxis are everywhere,” she said to the Times Free Press.In our Southern humidity, they are more comfortable than shorts. In addition to being airy and flowing, maxi dresses that include UV protection, like ours, may also filter UV radiation. Wearable sunscreen, that is!

6. They have a feminine appearance.

Maxi dresses exude flirtatiousness. Maxi dresses, in contrast to shift dresses that resemble bags, show off your shape. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look feminine. Additionally, jewelry such as an elegant necklace, a plethora of silver bangles, or shoulder-grazing earrings may effortlessly elevate the feminine aspect. In the winter, complete the ensemble with ankle boots; in the summer, add metallic gladiator sandals.

7. They have versatility.

A maxi dress may be worn to work, a wedding, a dinner date, and the pet shop, unlike jeans. Maxi dresses are a great piece of clothing that you can dress up or down. They may be worn as a show-stopper or for weekend lounging. You can go from the beach to the movie theater by wearing a cropped blazer. Alter your appearance by wearing elegant heels or wedges instead of flip-flops.

Maxi dresses are so comfy and fashionable that they can fit a developing belly, which is why some pregnant ladies even swear by them. One woman went into labor while wearing one, she told her local newspaper in Dunlap, South Carolina. That shows commitment, right?

8. They require little upkeep.

Dry cleaning takes up a lot of time. Most maxi dresses are safe to toss in the washing machine; however, others must be line-dried. Many also don’t wrinkle easily, so you may fold one into a little, tightly-packed burrito and pack it for your upcoming trip.

9. There are no clothing issues.

If you wear a maxi dress, you won’t have to worry about anything riding up when you sit down or your shirt coming undone. It genuinely has you covered. For more formal occasions (church, tea with the in-laws, or that elegant baby shower), a maxi dress is ideal for creating a worry-free atmosphere.

10. They are timeless.

Even though we adore a good trend, maxi dresses have been around since the 1970s and aren’t going anywhere. Because they come in so many different designs, styles, colors, and materials, they have a lot of longevity. A classic-shaped maxi dress in a single hue can carry you through varying trends; simply switch up a couple of your accessories.

That concludes our tribute to the powerful maxi dress! What did we overlook? Tell us in the comments below, or present your case for the Snuggie.