Wed. May 29th, 2024

If you’ve decided to take up your neglected home improvement projects again, you might want to consider getting assistance from a handyman. A handyman is a highly skilled “jack of all trades” who specializes in home maintenance and repairs. Handymen are typically employed to complete several little tasks quickly.

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“Punch lists and small projects usually take 1-2 days to complete,” says handyman Matt Miller of reputable HandiCo Inc. in Chicago. While some activities may be finished in a few hours, others may need many weeks. Repairs—that is, anything that needs to be fixed—for anything in or around their houses are the most common reason individuals contact us.

A homeowner may save money on home renovation projects by hiring a handyman since it eliminates the need to hire several contractors and service providers. Many handymen charge by the hour, so the homeowner only needs to pay for one person’s multitasking skills.

A handyman isn’t the best choice for a large or complex project that would require several workers and take a long time to complete.

In Needham, Massachusetts, handyman Bob Mignogna owns the well-known Handymen from Heaven. “We concentrate on minor tasks,” he continues. Because of our approach, we may work in increments of one, two, or four hours and still make money. Remember that our handymen are experts at doing common household repairs that our clients lack the time or ability to perform themselves. Among the jobs we oversee are changing light fixtures, hanging curtain rods, installing new storm doors, and fixing broken windows.

Guidelines for choosing a trustworthy handyman:

1. Compose a thorough description of the job and combine related activities, such as kitchen and bathroom plumbing, into one category. This will help you figure out what kind of skill sets your handyman requires.

2. Establish a project budget in broad form. A budget will make it easier to determine your primary goals and stop expense overruns.

3. Check Angie’s List for trustworthy client endorsements on handymen in your neighborhood.

4. Acquire knowledge of your responsibilities and privileges in the homeowner-handyman dynamic. In Illinois, for instance, every renovation or repair job for a property that costs more than $1,000 needs to be covered by a documented contract. For detailed regulations, see the websites of your state and municipal government.

5. Ask the right questions throughout the interview. Among them are: Have you already completed a task similar to this one? Could you provide me a written estimate of this project’s cost and when you expect it to be finished? Is your work covered by a warranty? Are you licensed or have a professional qualification? Have you given any local recommendations a call? Do you have the instruments and supplies needed for this task?